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Federal Benefits Information Center operates on the tenets of education, inspiration, and advocacy. We are dedicated to helping Federal Employees understand their benefits, grow their financial confidence, and make the most of their retirement years. We believe this is the key to your success.

Retirement freedom and financial security begin with understanding your Federal Benefits.

In a Federal Employee Benefits Survey, OPM found a gap between worker participation in benefits programs and their understanding of them.  Studies and research confirm a connection between employee well-being and the understanding of their workplace benefits and key financial concepts. 

Our expert educators are here to help close the gap and assist federal employees every step of the way.
Federal Employee Participation in Federal Benefits Programs is High.
Enrolled in the Thrift Savings Plan 96%
Enrolled in FERS 91%
Enrolled in FEGLI 80%
However, Federal Employees' Understanding of their Federal Benefits is Low.
Reported an “Excellent” or “Good” understanding of their TSP accounts
Reported an “Excellent” or “Good” understanding of their FEGLI program
Federal Employees have so many benefit options.
Let’s choose the best... for you!

FBIC provides personal, trained and caring professionals who listen to your desires and formulate a plan of action. You will have a roadmap to your financial goals based on your age, agency, income and anticipated financial needs.

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